Love in Abundance: An Outpouring of Blessings

“Love in Abundance: An outpouring of blessings in a special fundraising concert and raffle” will be presented on October 26 for the benefit of Caritas Manila’s Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP) scholars.

print-ad_poster_love-in-abundanceIn celebration of its 63rd founding anniversary and in support to almost 5,000 YSLEP scholars of Caritas Manila, Smart Infinity and D Source, Inc., together with PLDT-Smart Foundation, One Meralco Foundation, Ayala Corporation, Ayala Land, Inc., and BPI Foundation will hold a benefit dinner concert that will feature the inspirational music of the renowned composer and musician maestro Ryan Cayabyab to be held at the Grand Ballroom, Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City.

To date, Caritas Manila has produced over 10,000 graduates and continues to provide educational assistance, values formation workshops, and leadership trainings to almost 5,000 students nationwide with an average of 300 college and technical/vocational graduates yearly.

For Love in Abundance sponsorship and ticket inquiries, please contact Caritas Manila at (632) 254-5519, 562-0020 to 25 loc. 35 &39 or send your email to

DDB talents are happy to be able to contribute their time and talents to this very special event.

“Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:7




DDB helps save hearts through art

Manila, Philippines–October 20, 2016.

The DDB Group talents once again, proudly hosted the press launch of the annual art exhibit of The Rotary Club of Makati West (RCMW).

Alay Sining is a fund-raising initiative for one of RCMW’s signature projects, The Gift of Life (GOL) program. GOL is an initiative that helps children with congenital heart disease or CHD undergo free surgery and medication. The art-for-a cause exhibit gives an opportunity to help and support the children with CHD as well as over a hundred local artists as they graciously showcase their masterpieces to the public with a heart to help.

Both seasoned and new sculptors and artist will be contributing pieces to the Alay Sining, and donating a portion of the sale of their art pieces to the exhibit’s intended recipients – the CHD patients that will be given free heart surgeries under the Gift of Life program. It is the biggest charity sculpture, painting, installation exhibit and sale in the Philippines.

The 9th Alay Sining theme, “Art with A Heart,” is most fitting having artists share their talents through their sculptures to children with CHD during the four-day charity event. The exhibition launch will be held at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5, Makati City from the 10th of November 10, until the 13th, 2016.

Gil Chua, Rotarian,  DDB’s Group Chairman and CEO said “We invite all art-lovers and the public to come and visit. Supporting the art-for-a cause exhibit will not only mean supporting Filipino children with heart ailments but also local artists.”

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8 Advice to beat the stress of holiday shopping

Christmas is coming in less than 100 days.



‘Tis the season to feel stressed? Do you dread the thought of traffic, fight for parking, crowded malls, crammed with weary shoppers? Do you arrive home after exhausting shopping trips, with nothing gained apart from sore feet? Well fear not, you are not alone. 


Follow these 8 simple tips and you’ll soon be relaxing with all your gifts under the tree.

1. What is your budget? — No one has unlimited funds & even if it is once a year, you still have real life bills to pay.  so have a Xmas gift budget & stick to it. 


2. Make a list & check it twice! –don’t shop for people not around the holidays, or those who really don’t know who you are for the sake of giving. You’re better off donating to charity in their names. Don’t waste money and time! Sometimes, best to just give the kids, as they will appreciate it. Check your list. 


3. Plan and Coordinate–Some families who are big actually have a system to avoid unwanted presents. Like doing a secret Santa with a budget for a gift worth 2000pesos and you must give a wish list for your secret Santa to choose from. That’s the only adult you need to give a gift to! Fun, economical & better for the environment!

4. Navigate the Net– The best thing about Internet shopping is You can shop peacefully from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure to do this early to allow delivery time.

5.  Start Early– Hit the mall as soon as the stores are raising their shutters — no lengthy lineups & store clerks fresh & eager to help. 

6. Go solo– If you’re honestly going to get all your Christmas shopping accomplished in a day, it’s a quest you’ll have to brave alone. Lose the distractions — you’ll check more names off your list by going alone.


7. Always be prepared– How often do you receive an unexpected gift from a neighbour, family member, or thoughtful colleague at work? Buy a few extras to cover such emergencies; a nice bottle of wine, some chocolates, aromatic toiletries.  


8. Share the burden 
Even the most shopping phobic spouse can navigate the stores when armed with a list and cellphone! Share the load, give him the list of men, budget and tell him to have fun.


Finally, remember that it’s only shopping! Take a deep breath, count your blessings & be thankful that Christmas only comes once a year. ❤️ 

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By Quito Tensuan

11996910_10153557157041399_4375171491858813042_nRuss Juson used to be a janitor, he used to dream about explore the world, and until he turned 35 years old, he used to work. For the last ten years, in-between giving talks to all the seminars in his overbooked schedule, Mr. Juson is free to travel the globe and whatever else he pleases whenever he pleases without having to march to somebody else’s time table. One’s immediate reaction to the news, regardless of age or station would be to ask, How?! Well for one September 7 afternoon, from 4-6PM, Russ Juson tried to tell a boardroom crammed with people the answer in his own personable and bombastic way.


Juson framed his speech with a number of easily understandable charts and listed statistics; how many people between the ages of 25 and 65 were dependant on someone else, working, monetarily fine, loaded, and simply deceased.

“Money is Energy,” he says, as in currency, as in current. Getting more of it will free you from the shameful vacuum of relying on others too much for your well being, but how much more exactly?

To determine that he had everyone

  • Think about their ideal dream monthly income and subtract their current salary from it.
  • Afterwards, they were asked to stand up and share their reasons for the disparity, many of which were reasonable, but after they were said, he noted that many of those spoken causes had notes of casual resignation to them and told the group that current comfortable behaviour is the biggest opposition to getting that coveted salary goal.
  • That placid niche felt safe, but it is wholly restrictive, and extricating yourself from it and into riskier circumstances can one hope to change things.
  • 98% of people, he claims, are stuck in that comfort zone. Therefore the mindset of that other 2% is what you should strive to emulate. However, this was not pure admonishment.
  • Juson said that he was telling the attendees this because they were fully capable of making the transition and that they should be grateful for the capable persons they were while still striving to do their best rather than rest on their laurels.


It’s also about scale, he proposes. The size of a person’s obstacles are inversely proportionate to the size of themselves.

Rich and Successful people are not without their problems, but rather, they are BIGGER than what plagues them.

That is not to say, suddenly coming into wealth and accomplishment will automatically make you a bigger person.

Juson quoted an analogy from a different motivational speaker, about containers and money; a small jar can only hold so much, even if you tried your hardest to cram a million dollars in there, it couldn’t hold it all, it would lose much of it. People are similar. Think about all those big lottery winners that wound up losing or misspending their newly acquired fortunes; their bank accounts had grown, but they had stayed the same, only as capable of retaining and fostering those funds as their more meagrely-funded selves were.

Personal growth then, through education or experience, can make the resolving of one’s issues and the utilization of their blessings more feasible. As for the conundrum of what to do with the amount of money they’re currently getting, that to can benefit from a growth plan.


Here, the previous segments were linked back to the proposed topic of finance. Sitting static in a bank account with only pithy annual interests prodding it along won’t benefit one’s earnings all that much what with annual inflation rates levelling those out or dragging them into the red. Juson put what he earned in the stocks through reliable mutual funds and Variable Unit Linked (VUL) funds to generate income and to act as a nouveau form of life insurance, citing a plan he drafted for his young driver and how it would net him millions of pesos in the subsequent decades when his children might need that money as a secondary example. Ideally, one would keep investing until they are capable of living on the interest generated by their portfolio and they’d know when that amount matches that dream monthly income from earlier. Finding out the right business to back up requires that aforementioned growth, attainable through attending seminars much like the one he was currently hosting or through more personal counselling with brokers; a subtle business plug, some might cynically say, but an objectively beneficial exchange.

This call to courage carried with it reminders of caution. Starting a new business from the ground up has its appeal, but it’s a very risky move that should only be attempted when someone has money they’re willing to use. What Russ had to offer was not a magic bullet, but a path to progress; more troublesome than insulated housing of stagnant habits, but safer and with more guarantees than out-and-out gambling. Spend less than you earn and invest the rest, reinvest those returns for compounded growth, and keep at it until you reach a critical mass of investment capital that creates the annual income you want, he summarized as he handed out pamphlets and used the last of the two hour time limit he was straining so valiantly against to let people know where they could learn more.


While very much at the center of this seminar, Russ made sure that everyone there were active participants. From having people repeat empowering creeds like, “You look great!” to one another, having them pair up with people to briefly discuss the recently shared topic for a brisk one-minute exchange, and then calling up a select number of individuals to tell the group the reactions of their partner, Mr. Juson had his charges interact in ways that allowed them to assert their presence without eating up too many precious minutes. People got to know one another and share parts of themselves, the time limits and rapid pace of the discussion inclining them to provide raw, honest, and often insightful input.

By the end, everyone was clamouring for the talk to go on longer, for these activities and anecdotes to continue, but whether they choose to pursue further sessions with the I AM+ Limitless Coaches or their new acquaintances is, as it is with the metaphorical and actual sizes of themselves and their bank accounts, up to them.